Water Features

Have you gone into your backyard to relax after a hard day’s work to enjoy the scenery of your lavish landscape and thought ‘something is missing’? Does your outdoor escape seem incomplete? The sound, texture, and movement of an outdoor water feature in Greensboro are probably the missing links.
Bubbling water and streams add a unique and natural appeal to your landscape design. The soothing sounds of serene water cascading off stone are relaxing and visually stunning. Incorporating outdoor water features bring a harmonious element to the overall atmosphere of your lush landscape.

Outdoor water features can be used to manage slopes

Aside from aesthetic beauty, water features can be functional too. They are often incorporated into landscape design to manage changes in elevation within the land. Multi-level waterfalls and ponds can be built into your property to soften a sharp slope and bring tranquility to the setting. If you prefer the au naturel atmosphere, consider an outdoor pond in Greensboro, NC.

Fountains, waterfalls, or bubbling brooks: Greenhaven’s got them.

Adding an outdoor water feature creates a new level of sensory experience to your landscape. Artfully designed and placed, it can transform a boring backyard into a relaxing retreat with a hypnotizing focal point.
Greenhaven Landscape Management provides skilled water feature specialists who can design and install a water feature that complements your landscape design and space.

Whether you’re seeking a stacked stone work of art, a waterfall spilling serenely over a brick wall, a rustic staggered rock canyon, or Tuscan floor fountain to enhance your escape, Greenhaven has the skills to seamlessly integrate a design to fit any idea or space.

Outdoor Ponds in Greensboro, NC, by Greenhaven

Outdoor ponds also add to the overall beauty and harmony of your landscape, but they bring more benefits than sight and sound enhancements. Whether you want an outdoor pond in Greensboro, NC, to stock with Koi, or a more rustic, natural water source for a stream and waterfalls, Greenhaven can deliver.

Ponds are an invitation for birds and fish, if you so desire, to come sit pond-side and relax. As word gets out you’ll find yourself and your family entertained by frogs, fish, and other wildlife while providing support for them to survive and thrive in your harmonious haven.

Whether you want an organic design with of a sunken pond with moss covered stones and water lilies, or a lavish appeal of a raised pond with greenery draped stone and falling water Greenhaven has the pond experts who can turn your landscape into the natural composition of a harmonious masterpiece.

Greenhaven has the water feature experts

Complete your emerald escape today and bring harmony to your backyard. Greenhaven has more than 25 years experience in a creating a slice of serenity as part of your scenery. Call them today at (336) 669-3138.