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Retaining wall in Greensboro: Repair and Construction by Greenhaven

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Having trouble with your retaining wall in Greensboro or the surrounding areas? Does it tilt or lean like a Jenga game in its late stages? Do you avoid looking at it because it’s too overwhelming to consider the repair? Every bulge and bow is a sign that the integrity of your wall is at risk and it is threatening your landscape and other structures nearby.

Or are you a proactive property owner looking for a retaining wall that is expertly built so you never find out what it’s like to come home to a failing retaining wall?

In either case, Greenhaven can expertly tackle your Greensboro retaining wall work so you can protect your land and home effectively.

Greensboro retaining wall work: Let Greenhaven repair your wall right the first time

If your retaining wall is tilting, crumbling, or separating from your land, the more quickly you have it repaired, the greater your chances of reducing the damage associated with a failing wall.

With every falling raindrop, your wall may be at risk of falling. Poor drainage, expansive soils, and inadequate reinforcement all contribute to the overall health and strength of the wall.

Some homeowners find the wall was originally constructed inaccurately. Others find years of improper maintenance have left them scrambling to find a fix. The remedy is same for both: Experienced experts should be contracted to ensure your wall is correctly repaired or replaced so your property is protected.

Greenhaven Landscape Management’s retaining wall experts can assess your wall and devise a plan of repair or replacement that is right for you and the longevity of your retaining wall in Greensboro or the surrounding area. Take control of the way your wall is drained and reinforced by hiring technical experts who are trained in properly repairing damaged walls.

Installing a new retaining wall in Greensboro?

If you don’t have a failing wall but want to add depth to your landscaping or accommodate changing grades and uneven topography; hiring expert contractors to construct a new retaining wall in Greensboro or the surrounding area is the best way to avoid being one of the unlucky ones with failing walls in the future.

While retaining walls can be functional they also add depth and drama to landscaping. Elevated planting areas, seat walls, and natural borders can add appeal to your landscape design while incorporating functionality. However, they must be stringently designed and erected to prevent future failure.

Retaining walls must be designed with consideration of your land’s slope, drainage, and permit allowances. They must be comprised of correct materials, with adequate drainage, and constructed by knowledgeable contractors.

Greenhaven’s Greensboro retaining wall work is carefully executed by experts who know nature. They understand drainage, slopes, and how your topography impacts the overall design of your retaining wall. They can properly design and erect a retaining wall that is strong and built to survive.

Get these things right and you’ll add value and appeal to your home without the worry of your wall failing due to improper construction.

Choose only experienced Greensboro retaining wall experts

With more than 25 years of experience Greenhaven Landscape Management Inc. are Greensboro retaining wall specialists who can repair, replace, or build brand new retaining walls that are designed to survive over time.

Don’t wait for the wall to fall. Fix it and protect your property today by calling Greenhaven at (336) 669-3138.