Patio Installation


Is your outdoor furniture sitting on cracked and aged concrete? Or even worse, is it sitting on the bumpy grass, taking away from the serenity of your lavish backyard landscaping?

Have you imagined walking out back to see your rustic furniture perched on an inviting earthy flagstone patio against the backdrop of your beautifully landscaped yard?

Put the power washer down and start picking out your patio material because your outdoor living area deserves it.

Create a Warm Outdoor Living Area with a Greensboro Patio Design from Greenhaven

Patios are the platforms upon which your outdoor dining set, rockers, and chaise-lounges are presented. Present it proudly by choosing a style that complements your home’s look and feel. Work with the experts at Greenhaven Landscape Management, who will listen to your desires, understand your home’s personality and design the ideal patio for your natural paradise.

Patios are an extension of your home with endless options to take your boring backyard to a relaxing escape.

Patio Installation in Greensboro: A plethora of materials to choose from

For warm earthy appeal consider the rich natural look of flagstone or clay brick. They are both versatile and timeless and lend a rustic down-to-earth feel that blends in with your serene surroundings.

For a classic, clean appeal consider patio pavers to complement your backyard landscaping in Greensboro or the surrounding area. Many are manufactured to look like natural stone or clay with the crisp edging of a paver thus you aren’t restricted to the common paver look.

Speaking of common, don’t knock concrete. Concrete has a come a long way from boring grey. The most durable and least expensive; poured concrete can adapt to a variety of styles and forms. In addition, it can be glazed, stained, and additional accents such as natural decorative tiles can be topped to add personality and charm to your patio.

If you are seeking simple and charming, consider gravel for that old English cottage appeal. The crunch beneath your feet is certain to bring back old childhood memories of simplicity and smiles.

A brand new patio in Greensboro is like getting addition on your home

Creative outdoor living spaces are the new go-to entertainment area. You put a lot of time and work into your landscape, don’t you think it’s time to starting enjoying it?

Whether you want to kick back and relax while watching the firefly light show under the glow of the moon, or to invite guests over to show off your emerald escape, start with the foundation of your dreams: patio installation in Greensboro with Greenhaven.

Add character, style, comfort and extend your home into the entertaining space you deserve.

Create a stage for your beautiful back yard with Patio Design in Greensboro

With more than 25 years of experience, Greenhaven Landscape Management will create a custom patio design in Greensboro that will turn your boring backyard into your relaxing escape.

Call Greenhaven today at (336) 669-3138 to start building the foundation of your outdoor living dreams.