Outdoor Fireplaces

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What if you didn’t need to plan a vacation to escape? What if you had an old-world style natural stone outdoor fireplace as the backdrop to your backyard entertaining area? Flanked by Adirondack chairs, a rustic dining set, and blooms cascading over low earthy flagstone walls, would you really need to pack a bag to “get away?”

You may have a stunning landscape design, but when the sun sets leaving behind cool nights, are you packing up and heading inside? Then you’re romantic evening requires an outdoor fireplace.

Enhance your landscape with a Greensboro outdoor fireplace

Often people may begin creating their emerald escape with landscape design. Enamored by nature, some see the serene sanctuary in the sunlight and forget that it can be enjoyed at night, even when the air is cooler, by adding a custom-designed Greensboro outdoor fireplace.

Incorporating rich textures, stone facades, and an old-world romantic feel to your backyard, outdoor fireplaces can create grand allure or cozy charm.

Dine alfresco next to a bold modern outdoor fireplace, or sip on hot chocolate fireside with the backdrop of lush greenery illuminated by a soft glow. There is something enchanting about it.

Greenhaven Landscape Management has a team of outdoor fireplace fanatics and experts who can custom-design the outdoor fireplace in Greensboro, High Point, and the surrounding areas that will make your backyard your new getaway.

From natural stone to modern slate, the options are endless and Greenhaven has the expertise to get you to your new favorite vacation spot: your backyard.

You don’t need a mountain cabin, just build a fire

You don’t have to pack your bags to escape. The romantic radiance of dancing flames will beckon you and your guests to stop and smell the roses (and the roasting marshmallows). It’s an invitation to relax and escape without leaving the comfort of your backyard.

Don’t short change your landscape design. Indulge in the splendor of soft warm firelight illuminating your lush greenery. Turn your landscape into your new land escape with a Greensboro outdoor fireplace.

Let Greenhaven build your outdoor fireplace in Greensboro today

With more than 25 years of experience, Greenhaven Landscape Management are the Greensboro outdoor fireplace specialists who have the ticket to your next vacation destination.

Where to? You guessed it, your own backyard. Relax and decompress next to the warmth of your new outdoor fireplace by calling Greenhaven at (336) 669-3138 today.