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Need a New Lawn in Greensboro? Greenhaven can deliver

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Have you got a yellow thumb? Have you tried everything to get the lush into your lawn with no results? Yellowed grass, weeds, and dying shrubs can damage your homes’s appearance or your business’s reputation. If you’ve inherited a sickly landscape, starting over may be the best strategy. If you just need a new lawn in Greensboro, Greenhaven can deliver; with new and healthy sod, trees, bushes, and shrubs.

New Installation: A New Lawn, Shrubs, and Tree Planting in Greensboro

Greenhaven Landscape Management has specialized teams trained in landscape design. They work with you to take your subpar land and create the fertile green landscape you’ve been dreaming of.

Greenhaven’s gurus meet with you to discover those dreams, devise the best designs, and then implement them. They focus on working with your natural environment and pairing it with the right plant and tree choices so they will all flourish.

Plants, Bushes, and Shrubs: Greenhaven will heal your hedgerows

New plants, shrubs, and bushes can add charisma to your land. There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing plants, bushes, and ornamental shrubbery, but it’s crucial to pick plant types that will prosper in your specific climate. Combining your preference with Greenhaven’s knowledge on the best plants for your environment, they create a new look with new life. From shaped flower beds to bushes and shrubs, new plants can add personality, artistic appeal, and breathe new life into your landscape.

Tree Planting in Greensboro: Greenhaven knows what works where

Trees are good for so many things besides oxygen. They provide shade, privacy, and add character and charm to your home. When it comes to tree planting in Greensboro, relying on experts can help you avoid the mistake of choosing the wrong tree or incorrectly planting it. These mistakes can result in premature death of your trees. Just as your climate impacts your selection of plants, it also influences your available tree options.

Greenhaven Landscaping Management works with you to choose the type of tree you prefer that will also thrive in its surroundings. Whether you’re seeking a shade tree, blossoming tree, or privacy trees, let the experts walk you through what will suit your style and your environment. When tree planting in Greensboro, Greenhaven provides the utmost care by properly preparing the soil for its roots to burgeon and your tree to robustly mature.

Your New Lawn in Greensboro: Don’t give up, get Greenhaven

Have you spent hours and countless dollars trying to revive your grass with little or no results? Why not consider replacing it? When your lawn is too damaged – or not worth the time and money to see if new grass seed will grow – Greenhaven will deliver and install the best quality lawn sod to turn your yard into an emerald oasis.

Greenhaven meets with you to decide on the best grass type for your taste in appearance, performance, and maintenance goals. Then they thoroughly prepare your property by removing weeds and existing turf and add any necessary soil amendments, prior to installing your new lawn in Greensboro.

This method ensures your new lawn has the optimum conditions to root, thrive, and stay healthy.

With Greenhaven’s installation process and procedures, you can rest assured your plan will be carefully executed and your landscape has a healthy beginning with exquisite results. Don’t give up when you can start over with Greenhaven.

Whether you are seeking a new lawn in Greensboro or tree planting in Greensboro, Greenhaven has the skills and expertise to help you make the right choices that come with lasting beauty.

Start all over with a new installation by calling Greenhaven today at (336) 669-3138.