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Every year, the birds serenade spring’s arrival and the pressure to have an immaculate yard is on, especially if your neighbors have already started mulching, trimming, and planting before you. The stress of planning and maintaining your lawn can be overwhelming. Especially when your time is scarce.

But making time to care for your lawn is vital to achieving that crisp, manicured look, not just in the spring, but year round. That’s where Greenhaven Landscape Management comes in.

Greensboro Lawn Care Services with a Guarantee

Greenhaven is one of the best landscaping companies in Greensboro because of the unique way they do business. They deliver comprehensive lawn care services that are guaranteed to satisfy, or they will come back until you’re happy. We offer stress-free regular scheduling, and their services are available a la carte so you can pick and pair only what YOUR YARD needs:

Lawn mowing and edging: A freshly cut lawn can boost your spirits and bring a smile to your face, but it’s the little things that really spruce up your yard. After meticulously mowing your lawn, Greenhaven trims your turf, bushes, shrubs, and trees; then edges your walkways to create a crisp scape.

Mulch: Nothing screams “spring” louder than the look and smell of fresh mulch. Mulch preserves your plant and flower beds and creates a clean and well-kept look. It’s the perfect complement to a freshly mowed lawn. Mulch comes in many colors and types, so you can choose the look you want and let Greenhaven do the rest. We’ll keep it looking fresh and full all year, as well.

Lawn Treatment: Wishing for dandelions to disappear? Greenhaven can grant your wish by treating your turf with natural science and lawn supplements to rid it of unattractive weeds, dandelions, and clovers, while protecting your grass. The result is a crisp, luscious lawn with stronger, greener grass.

Fertilization: Suffering from lawn envy? Feeling inadequate by your neighbor’s clearly greener grass? You can have what they have too. To achieve a thick, strong, green lawn, Greenhaven suggests fertilizing your lawn a few times a year. They use a superior fertilizer mixture that turns your jaundice lawn into a gush of green. Now you can be green without envy.

Aeration: Did you know your lawn needs to breathe? Aeration services involve pulling plugs of grass and soil from your lawn to create sockets which allow it to breathe better. These sockets also make fertilizing and watering more effective as roots are more accessible. If your lawn is stressed, give it a breather.

Leaf removal: Remember how fun it was to rake leaves and jump into the pile when we were kids? Now that we’re grown up, it’s that big chore no one looks forward to. Greenhaven provides leaf raking and removal services to keep your lawn clean and your carefree smile on, even in the fall.

Greenhaven Landscape Management: 25 Years of Experience in Greensboro Lawn Care

Not everyone has the time to transform their yard into the emerald escape they dream of. And not everyone has a green thumb. For more than 25 years, Greenhaven has been making gardens grow and lawns luscious – becoming one of the best landscaping companies in Greensboro.

Ready to start your personalized lawn maintenance program? Call Greenhaven today at (336) 669-3138.