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Landscaping in Greensboro? Let Greenhaven design your dream

landscape design in greensboro

When you visit home improvement stores does your mind go crazy with ideas when you see all the plants, flowers, and bedding stones? Do you dream of a thousand ways you could improve your landscape but you’re not sure if the type of flowers you want will thrive in your full-sun garden? Not convinced those knock-out roses will fare well in the area of yard where nothing will grow?

Do you always end up leaving empty-handed?

Let yourself off the hook, and let the Greensboro, NC landscapers at Greenhaven help you make the right choices that will transform your surroundings into the serene sanctuary you keep wishing for.

Landscape Design in the Greensboro area

You have heard of people with a green thumb. Others claim to lack one when all their plants or flowers die. However, a green thumb is not the only source of success to nurturing a flourishing landscape. It requires extensive knowledge of plant life, soil, environment, and so much more. So, you could say the people who are successful in growing nature have a ‘green mind.’ Skilled architects educated in horticulture can best devise a plan to integrate garden and land design with your land’s features to form a naturally stunning masterpiece. Greenhaven’s Greensboro, NC landscapers come equipped with ‘green minds’ in order to compose striking landscape designs from the concept stage to final implementation.

Greensboro, NC, Landscapers will create your private paradise

When landscaping in Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem or Burlington, Greenhaven’s architects come complete with a rich knowledge and understanding of the climate and various soil types they will be working with. Then they will talk with you about exactly what you want, and examine your land to fully understand your specific topography, property drainage, and soil types. These factors will all impact your customized garden and landscape design options. With that knowledge they integrate your desires with your environmental features to tailor a design that is certain to prosper and please.

From crisp topiary lined walkways to vibrant gardens; if you have the dream, they have the know-how.

Your end result will be a serene sanctuary that is visually dazzling, so now your new landscape can be the kind others dream of while shopping in home improvement stores.

Landscaping in Greensboro? Stop guessing and get Greenhaven

Stop guessing and start getting the right information from the green minds of Greenhaven. They can answer your questions about the right flowers and plants your land can nourish to give you a long-lasting “land escape” you daydream about.

Greenhaven’s landscape design services can be completely customized so you can create the natural environment you dream of at the home improvement store. With more than 25 years of experience Greenhaven Landscape Management are the Greensboro, NC, landscapers and architects who have the knowledge and the skills to turn your yard into your own.

Get started on your landscape design project by calling Greenhaven today at (336) 669-3138.