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Have you ever gone to a friend’s backyard party and found yourself walking into a relaxing resort style outdoor living area? Their new wicker furniture perched on an antique cobblestone patio complemented by arches covered in creeping vines had your mind reeling with ideas for your own backyard makeover.

Wouldn’t your backyard look that magazine-marvelous with a new rustic pergola up nestled in natural stone walls with flowers cascading over them? How about throwing a summer night get-together complete with relaxing water features and an outdoor fireplace to cozy up to while roasting marshmallows and making memories?

You don’t have to wait for a party invite to enjoy an amazing outdoor escape. Hardscape designing by Greenhaven along with backyard landscaping in Greensboro can deliver your dreams so you can be the one to inspire friends and neighbors.

Outdoor living area in Greensboro

Because parties shouldn’t stop when the sun goes down, and the living room should be a place where you can really live. What better place is there to thrive in than nature?

Hardscape design transforms your outdoor areas into a brilliantly accented entertainment environment where you can seek peace and enjoy company. It gives you the freedom to create a natural extension of your living room where you can spend time doing what you love: enjoying friends and nature.

Greenhaven Landscape Management technicians have the passion and knowledge to work with your land, layout, and environment to develop your ideal outdoor design. Combining your dreams with their specialized skills, they convert your boring backyard into your new favorite hangout – where your friends will look forward to spending time in your backyard escape.

Backyard landscaping in the Greensboro area can deliver endless options to create the perfect entertainment escape. Create natural stone pathways, retaining walls, accent walls, outdoor fireplaces, furniture, and water features to make your next party the talk of the town.

Create a courtyard for relaxing. Erect an entertainment area to show off your lush landscaping and lighting. You do the dreaming and let Greenhaven do the designing.

Don’t wait for an invitation to enjoy a new outdoor living area in Greensboro

Don’t wait for an invitation to enjoy the inspiring serene sanctuary an outdoor living area has to offer. Greenhaven’s expert architects can turn your outdoor party dreams into a reality.

With more than 25 years of experience, Greenhaven Landscape Management Inc. are the backyard landscapers in Greensboro that will make your next party invitation your own.

Call Greenhaven today at (336) 669-3138 and then start making your invitation list for your next backyard bash.