Fire Pits

fire pit in greensboro

Do you have one-of-a-kind backyard that’s perfect for entertaining? Do you dream of spending the nighttime hours with friends and family in your relaxing backyard around a custom-designed fire pit?

Stop dreaming and fire up a landscaping focal point. Take the chill out of the night by adding a warm ambience to your outdoor escape with a fabulous fire pit feature that you will enjoy year round.

Fire pit installation Greensboro: Add some fun and flames to your get-togethers

Fire pits are a stunning centerpiece that adds an elegant element to your emerald escape.

While function and aesthetics are incentive enough for having a fire pit designed and installed, the mere warmth provided by a fire pit extends the time and light needed for you to truly enjoy your Garden of Eden.

The year provides four seasons and fire pits let you enjoy all of them. Why limit yourself to half the year?

Fire pits bring that campfire feel to your backyard

Whether you want sunken stone fire pit or a contemporary old-world style gathering point, fire pits draw people into the cozy campfire-like atmosphere, evoking storytelling, laughter, and new memories. And isn’t that what your lush landscape was designed for? Outdoor enjoyment and entertainment? Why only enjoy it when the sun is up and the air is warm?

Greenhaven Landscape Management has the Greensboro fire pit design experts that can light up the night and warm up your outdoor living space so you can enjoy your lush landscape year round.

Greenhaven’s fire pit designers can custom build one that complements your style and personality and brings light and life to your landscape for all your guests to enjoy.

Who doesn’t love to cozy up fireside and reminisce about the old days and make new memories? Imagine a warm fire pit tucked under the canopy of a pergola, or an inviting gas fire pit perched poolside. Are you there? You can be.

A Greensboro fire pit installation adds a spark to your backyard entertaining

Make the most out of your lush landscape by sharing it with the night and your new fiery focal point of your patio or outdoor living area. Roast marshmallows, raise toasts, and start enjoying nature year-round with the perfect complement to your landscape design.

With more than 25 years of experience, Greenhaven Landscape Management are fire pit design specialists who can extend warmth to your outdoor living area so you can extend invitations to your friends and neighbors. You make the memories, they’ll make the fire pit.

Don’t limit yourself to enjoying the outdoors to half the year. Fire up a focal point now with fire pit installation in Greensboro. Call Greenhaven at (336) 669-3138.