Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting in Greensboro: Designed & Installed by Greenhaven

Have you driven by a home at night and slowed down to take in the beauty of the soft lights artfully placed to enhance the home’s nighttime curb appeal? Its illuminated trees, shimmering natural stone walls, and glowing gardens draw you in like a moth to a flame. Does a light go off in your mind, as it reels with ideas of creating softly lit landscapes at your home or business?

Your ideas can become a reality easily by creating your own light with a Greensboro landscape lighting installation by the experts at Greenhaven.

Landscape lighting artfully accentuates the nighttime beauty of your softscapes and hardscapes so you can enjoy your landscape under the deep blue curtain of the night.

Greensboro landscape lighting installation can improve your home’s curb appeal

Greenhaven’s landscape lighting in Greensboro offers low voltage landscape lighting that is a cost-effective method to illuminate your grounds or garden and enhance its splendor while providing the security of a well-lit backyard and business. Set your business and home apart from the rest by letting it light up the night.

Specializing in both residential and commercial landscape lighting, the visual effects that can be achieved with landscape lighting installation are as endless as your ideas.

Create your own soft moonlight radiating from your tree canopies. Produce an elusive glimmer falling over stone walls. Enhance the beauty of water features with lustrous submerged lighting to illuminate the serene flow of your garden fountain or pond. Create stunning visual effects of glowing trees, benches and pathways.

Get your own natural soft light and enjoy nature a little longer.

Light up your nights with the landscaping lights experts in Greensboro

Don’t waste wishes on brighter stars. Light up the night with landscaping lights in Greensboro so you can wish on the stars while enjoying nature nocturnally.

Greenhaven’s landscaping light installation can create all the soft, glowing effects that you wish for so you can enjoy nature long after the sun is slumbering. With more than 25 years of experience, Greenhaven Landscape Management has the landscape lighting in Greensboro nocturnal nature lovers need.

Light up your nights right now by calling Greenhaven at (336) 669-3138.